Kiowa's Churhes Past and Present


The city of Kiowa presently has five churches.  These churches join together each year with other churches from our rural area to have an annual Easter and Thanksgiving service.  May we the residents of Kiowa never forget to give our Lord the highest praise.

First Baptist

United Methodist

Church of Christ

Praise Fellowship

Assembly of God

Many Books

Kiowa citizens recognized the importance of a Christian heritage.  Many fine churches were established in the early years, and many of the leading citizens were active in the service of our Almighty God.  The 1917-18 Kiowa School Annual reads, "Above all, if you are looking for a town where you may educate your children among refined, moral and Christian people, come to Kiowa and make your home among us......your children....will be surrounded by good, Christian influences."

M.E. Church South (Methodist)
B. F. McDaniel
J. R. Smith
1906 J. D. Rogers

1906 J. F. Young

Cambellite (Christian)
1906 J. F. York

1906 A. B. Johnson
1909 J. D. Braley

Dansby’s Chapel
also known as the “Indian Church” (northeast of town)